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​Led by Professional University Degreed / Master Naturalist Guides for accurate interpretation of the flora and fauna!

These tours are located in the Francis Marion National Forest and are approximately a 45-50 minute drive from Downtown Charleston.

1.5 - 2 Hour Tours

$35 per person ages 13 and up (minimum 3 people)
$25 per person for ages 12 and under
$20 per person for Non-Profit groups (minimum 8 people)
$10 per person for School Groups (minimum 10 people)

* Prices do not include your Guide's gratutity. Click here for tips on tipping your Guide.

I'on Swamp Trail - 2.5 miles

Guides will take you on a two mile journey through a cool and shaded Beautiful blackwater Swamp. Natural history abounds on this trail with alligators, wood ducks, otters, birds and dragonflies! Also learn about the rice culture of South Carolina while walking along plantation embankments built in the 1700's. This one and a half hour long 2 mile trail combines a unique part of South Carolina's natural and cultural history and includes "Wythewood Plantation", which was the first freed slave plantation in South Caroliona. Guides include Plantation artifacts, edible and medicinal plants along the way.

Carolina Bay Tour - 1.5 miles

Mystical wetlands of unknown geological origin, Carolina Bays will leave you with profound pictorial memories. These endangered ecosystems are alive with carnivorous plants, pond pine, cypress and herbaceous shrubs that are very unique. These endangered habitats are of concern as development encroaches. Swallow-tailed kites, raptors, red cockaded woodpeckers and black bears inhabit the area.

South Tibwin Plantation Tour - 2 miles

This plantation, established in 1803, offers a diverse interpretation of the Low Country's rice cultural and natural history. Encompassing freshwater ponds, brackish marshes, saltwater creeks and a multitude of Forest habitats, sightings of many varieties of wetland birds, raptors and songbirds as well as alligators are common. hiking or bicycling is a great way to explore this historical site.

Sewee Indian Shell Ring Trail - 1.5 miles

Indian Ruins on the National Historic Register.......

Explore a 4,000 year old Native American Shell ring. Thought to be used for ceremonies, this unique archeological feature is not to be missed! Our guides bring along Indian Artifacts from the coastal Plain tribes that once lived in the area and show you medicinal and edible plants they used as well.

2.5 - 4 Hour Tours

$45 per person for ages 14 and up (minimum 3 people)
$35 per person for ages 13 and under.
$25 per person for Non-Profits (minimum 8 people)
$15 per person for School Groups (minimum 10 people)

* Prices do not include your Guide's gratutity. Click here for tips on tipping your Guide.

"Awendaw Passage of the Swamp Fox" Palmetto Trail - 5 miles

This is a wonderful trail that winds along Awendaw creek. Views of pristine marshes, long leaf pine Forest and subtropical vegetation are seen along the way. Once home to the Sewee Indian tribe, we'll show you ruins along the way. Unique cliffs and gentle, rolling terrain make for a wonderful hike......We love this trail!

Santee coastal Preserve (State Preserve) - IBA (Important Birding Area)

Explore the Marsh and Woodland Trails of this Beautiful plantation. See Washoo Reserve, a Nature Conservancy Protected Wetland with incredible wildlife including woodstorks. See El Dorado Ruins and abandoned rice fields within this 24,000 acres! Thousands of eastern shorebirds overwinter, migrate to and nest here. It's really worth the drive!

Beginners welcome on ALL of these tours! No experience necessary!

Shuttle Services

If you are going to hike the Palmetto Trail on your own, here are some options!

Shuttle services available for $10 each person (minimum $30), at Buck Hall Recreation Area, Rosa Green, Willow Hall Road, Halfway creek Campground. $25 each person (minmum $50) to the Witherbee Ranger Station or the Canal Recreation Area.

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